Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paradise, part 1 of 6

A while ago the Tumbes crew met up and went on an awesome day hike to a little known laguna called Pozo Azul.  This is their story....

They started up the day taking a bus into the wild.  No road was needed as they trundled through streams, into the bush.  The bus was blasting cumbia, everyone was bouncing up and down over the rocks and generally in good spirits.

Steve and I making our way across the stream
After an hours bus ride we could go no further and set out on foot.  It was a beautiful day, and for the first time in a while, we were surrounded by green.  It was a completely different world in comparison to the drab landscape of the coast.  It was a three hour hike but I enjoyed every second of it.  Our rations consisted of bread, mangoes, crackers, apples, and cheese.   We should have brought more...

One of the interesting trees found here.

Laura Croft getting ready to kick some ass.

And so it was, after we had dropped our bags and put on our swimming / jurassic park trekking gear, we found ourselves hiking through the ravine.  

Paradise, part 2 of 6

We set off hiking into one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

We were still at a loss for words at this point as to just how cool this place was.  If Lord of the Rings is looking for another awesome, seemingly otherworldly place to shoot, look no further, this place is good for at least one scene.  The freakishly large spiders that lined the slick rock walls were certainly an interestingly element to the trek.  They definitely made you not want to slip and have to use a hand on the wall to balance your self.

Climbing over one of the obstacles using vines on the walls.  That's right, we were climbing jungle jealous.

Paradise Found

After about an hours hike through the most beautiful nature imaginable we made it Pozo Azul.  It is a laguna with a waterfall or cascada running in and a stream out of it.  It is deep, about 15 to 20 ft as far as I could tell.  The water was cool, but not cold.... refreshing

Me jumping in, graceful as ever.

Paradise, part 3 of 6

Taking a dip.

Climbing up the waterfall, sl

Astounding photo!  Pictured here is the never before seen Estebanicus Ridiculous in its natural habitat.  As you can tell it is a happy and surprised little creature...


Paradise, part 4 of 6

A few photos of Greg... his site is very campo and he has been in the wild a bit too long... enjoy!

Paradise, part 5 of 6

Trying out the vine for the first time...either painful or amazing depending on where you land.

I made it into the water with a resounding back flop as everyone sat on the raft looking on.  In my case it was painful and amazing.

Chillaxing Tumbes style...

Steve and Alyse

Paradise, part 6 of 6

A few shots of people swinging on vines... 

A winner for most terrified look

We are all missing Steve very much. 

The Tumbes crew (falta Isha)
Ian, Lindsey, Alyse, Steve and Greg
Probably the best stretch armstrong photo I have taken.

And then we went home...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stay Positive

Rain drops are falling.  It is like living in a popcorn popper : )

I went to Ecuador today.  It is fun to be able to casually throw out that I spent the day in another country.  

The large market is in the border town of Aguas Verdes, not sure what the ecuadorian side is called.  Anyway, I went there today to buy wood for the desk I am going to build myself.  It will be a good experience.  I am saving money, well sort of, depending on what tools I end up needing.  

It rained today, who knows, maybe it is the start of the rainy season.  I love the rain, and I usually think of it as a universal cleaner.  Washing away all of the grime.  But I am thinking it might be a little different here.  Without paved roads, I think my life is about to become one giant mud wrestling match.

I love those moments when you become self aware of your situation and you realize you are enjoying it immensely.

The power just went out and it seeks strangely appropriate.  The house is dark, and I am listening to a song called The Rain by The Swell Season, and it is loud, a fight between the rain outside and the rain inside.  I think my family just lit a candle in the next room.  I can smell something, not sure what it is.  Could be a million reasons for the power to be out, and I just realized that I am tired enough that I don't even care if it turns back on tonight.  I am going to bed.  But I also want to listen to music.  Good night all.

1.5.2009 9.36 p.m.